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Golden Stones & Sallys Assortment

Golden Stones & Sallys Assortment

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The golden stone & yellow sally hatches lead to some of the best fishing of the year. This fly assortment is curated to help you dial into these hatches and catch more fish. With classic patterns like the pat's rubber leg and yellow sally nymph you'll be set up for success. From adult stones, nymphs, emerging stones, and even spinners, these flies will keep your rod bent. 

Here's what premium hand-tied flies are included. Available as a 12pk and 24pk so that you never run out of a fly that works. 

  • Chubby Golden Stone #6 
  • Chubby Sally #12
  • Egg Laying Sally #12
  • Golden Brown Stone Nymph #8
  • Yellow & Brown Jiggy Pat's Rubber Legs #10
  • Yellow Sally Nymph #14 
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  • Jiggly Pat's Rubber Legs

    Size #10 (2x)

  • Chubby Golden Stone

    Size #6 (2x)

  • Golden Brown Stone Nymph

    Size #8 (2x)

  • Yellow Sally Nymph

    Size #14 (2x)

  • Chubby sally

    Size #12 (2x)

  • Egg Laying Sally

    Size #12 (2x)

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  • Focus on areas of high oxygen

    Stoneflies prefer areas with riffles and rocky substrate, step away from the slow pools and focus on moderate moving water.

  • Add a shimmy!

    Golden stones shimmy on the surface as they lay eggs, add a light twitch to the rod tip to impart action

  • Tie on a dropper rig

    The Stonefly nymph is a fantastic attractor pattern, its large profile naturally gets the attention of a hungry trout. Even without a hatch trout will eat these flies with aggression.

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