Originally we started Postfly so we could fish more…

Founder Brian Runnals during the "mullet" days

The First Ship-ments

...several years later and we definitely work more than we fish - but it’s all good because we love what we do. Postfly started in 2013 in Brian Runnal’s basement as the typical, cliche start up company. He believed in providing easily accessible and affordable fly fishing accessories so much that he sold his boat to come up with enough dough to get Postfly off the ground (don't worry, we’ve since invested in another boat so we can get fishy too in all of our spare time). Our first month we sent fly boxes to 8 customers - a couple of which are still members. We now ship over 100,000 flies and counting each month and have grown to be the largest D2C fly fishing distributor in the world.

The Team

We like to think we’re the most distinguished fly fishermen and women in the industry. But the truth is, we’re just like you. We all come from different walks of life, and somehow, we we’ve managed to figure out how to work together (ain’t that unique this day and age?!) Our goal is to get the best products into the hands of the best customers - you guys! Constructive feedback is always appreciated so don’t ever hesitate to reach out.

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Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

How It's Made

The best commercially-available flies, from our tying workshop to your doorstep.

Last memory before Brian woke up with 2 broken ribs and an awkward body tattoo...

Awkward Teenage Years

We learn new things each day, which makes this so much fun. There is always something new to discover. Like you shouldn’t completely update your website the night before Black Friday... OR, explore Thailand-y jungle back-roads on dirt bikes while visiting the tying workshop (ONLY BAD THINGS CAN HAPPEN). But seriously, we’ve learned a lot and we can honestly say you will be happy with our end product and service. If not, we’ll return your money no questions asked, because we only strive to be the best.

It Was All A Dream

The costs and knowledge required to get into fly fishing can be prohibitive and at times out of touch with present day. In 2013, Postfly set out to break these traditional fly fishing stereotypes by offering intimidation free, lower-cost products and services while providing continuous education so you have #allyouneed to start catching fish right away. We continue to innovate, expand, and break the fly fishing elitism boundaries by introducing new products like Wade Rods, Pelican Reels, and Badfish Supply. Yes, we’ve crossed into the world of spin fishing because well, we feel you should know how to do both to be the complete, well-rounded angler of current times.

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Recur Outdoors

Innovative ideas aimed at disrupting the outdoor industry (one payment at a time).

Happy Members

"I am new to fly fishing and most of the time I wing it. Having the Postfly box provides me the right flies for the right fish. The quality of flies and fishing accessories is incredible!" - Diana

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