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First Cast Program Bundle

First Cast Program Bundle

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THE EASIEST WAY TO LEARN TO FLY FISH! This is a brand-new approach to learning fly fishing that is beginner-friendly and completely intimidation-free.  You will receive our 3 box lesson bundle PLUS a Cortland Fairplay 5/6WT Rod/Reel Combo so you can truly learn at your own pace without getting overwhelmed.

Each box contains ALL of the flies, tools/accessories, and progressive step-by-step, how-to-tutorials from how to set up your rod to advanced casting techniques.  Each box is supported by online video tutorials that review concepts in each box in more detail and advance you on your fly fishing journey.

We guarantee you will learn to fly fish if you follow our step by step program - or your money back - no questions asked!

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      First Cast Program

      The easist way to learn how to fly fish

      What's Included

      3 boxes stuffed with easily digestible lessons to learn how to fly fish! This includes:

      • Flies & Gear: Complete with our go-to fly patterns consisting of nymphs, emergers, dry flies, and streamers, a water-resistant, magnetic-enclosure fly box, extra-grippy nippers & forceps, strike indicators, packs of leader, spools of tippet, tungsten putty, a table-top knot practicing kit, floatant...the list goes on but don't worry, we've got you covered with essentially everything you'll need to get started.
      • Video Tutorials: Access to a library of tutorial videos taught by professional guides with step by step instructions on how to land your first fish on the fly. Videos like "How to Rig Up For The First Time," "How to Read The Water," and "How to Roll Cast" among many others. 
      • Step-by-step Guidebooks: Each box contains an instructional guidebook of sequential lessons endorsed by professional guides who have significant experience teaching beginners how to fly fish.  You'll learn different rigging strategies, how to improve your cast, pro tips and tricks, and how to catch (and release) your first fish on the fly from A to Z.

      How It Works

      The program is broken into 3 boxes of digestible content and products. You'll receive all three boxes upon purchase, and are able to learn at your own pace.  You'll also receive immediate access to out library of how-to educational videos taught by our team of professional guides.

      • Box 1 - Where your fly fishing journey begins. This box includes content on the fundamentals of fly fishing to get you comfortable and out on the river as quickly as possible. Topics include how to set up your rod, how to find trout in a new river system, how to roll and overhead cast, how to mend and drift, how to set the hook and how to properly handle fish.
      • Box 2 - This box is all about to flies! You'll learn how to fish different varieties of flies in different situations and learn about advanced rigging and casting techniques. You'll also learn all about how flies are designed to mimic real life bug cycles to help you understand how to "match the hatch."
      • Box 3 - Fly fishing conditions are rarely ever perfect. This box will teach you how to adapt to varying conditions to vastly improve your chances of hooking up with a fish. Topics like how to cast when it's windy, how to change your flies when fish aren't biting, and how to work different parts (and depths) of a river to find trout.


      Other Gear You'll Need

      The First Cast Program comes with essentially everything you need except the following items:

      • Waders and Boots. Waders and boots are a good idea when fishing in the river to help keep you warm and protect you from the elements. In the dead of summer you can often get a way with "wet wading" (and we have a segment about how to do that in the program) but in most other instances you'll want to be waders and wading boots.
      • Net 
      • A Great Attitude

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews

      Awesome beginner set up


      The gear it comes with is great to get you started on the water. The rod combo however is a cheap Walmart combo that can be bought for 60 but they claim it’s a $100 value. Still a great starter kit

      More than I thought

      This kit is the perfect starter kit. I have not fly fished before and this kit is a sure way to set up for success and understanding the methods of fly fishing.

      Great way to start

      Bought the First Cast program for my girlfriend as a gift, and she loved it. Great way for people who want to learn at their own pace while removing the intimidation of starting from ground zero.

      Great products

      Wasn't sure what to expect ordering this bundle but was shocked when I received it in the mail, the rod is a very nice good quality rod and not to mention all the goodies that come with it. highly recommend this bundle for beginners or anyone looking for a quality rod already set up.