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Have not received this item

Nice flies

Second yr my wife has given this to me. The first four flies (as of Dec 4) are great and diverse - black wet fly, pink bead head nymph, white with flash woolly bugger (great for local Hosmer Lake), and a parachute black nat or ?
I noticed the names of the flys are missing when I open the door to the fly. Not sure it is intentional however it is still a great gift- MW

I never received it

I have a heavier setup on a 4wt and I used this for my lighter stuff and so far I am in love with the rod. Handles fish really well, backbone of the rod handles VERY good. Excited for more time on the water with my new rod!

Second year buying as gifts for fisherman who love them.

Amazing rod for the price

The flies and leader included in the box were OK but I found the gear included to be lackluster and disappointing.

High Performing Reel for a very low cost

The only thing that has gone wrong with this reel, after some significant saltwater usage is the reel handle seizing...something that will also happen on the most expensive reels without a lot of TLC. A really good and robust reel for the cost with a more than acceptable drag.

The Tide Chaser 2.0 Fly Rod
Justin Maxwell Stuart
Excellent Low cost Rod

This rod has travelled from the Caribbean to the Seychelles and it has performed extremely well for all the numerous saltwater species that I have encountered. It casts well and has weathered the ravages of saltwater. A hugely impressive rod for the price

Great Christmas gifts for my fly fishing buddies!

Broken rod twice !!

Use the Tide Chaser 8wt for salmon fishing in Michigan . To my surprise the tip broke off while fighting a fish !! Got a replacement tip wich I had to pay like $30 for … The following year the rod broke again at the butt by the handle !! Fought a big fish my drag wasn’t even that tight and it still broke !!But looks like the Wade Rod Company website is not up no more !! Crappy rods is all I have to say .

Super excited to give this to my husband; however, the print is too cute for him to punch in and retrieve flies—suitable for framing and displaying at Xmas for the outdoorsman! Great quality!

I purchased this

I purchased this for my boyfriend and he loves it! Shipping was so fast and prompt. Great quality and packaging. Very pleased with this purchase!

Warmwater with same duplicate items

Bought the Warmwater/Bass Guide Garage Sale box. All items were the same. Contradicting the boxes are supposed to contain different items. Plus the item description from the shipping label says “Warmwater Guide All Repeat Kit” so I guess I got jipped on hopping for a few different items.

However, I give it 4 stars because I wont have to worry about losing a fly as I have a couple spares now. And double the utility straps that arrived in both my boxes.
So technically a win, just had hopped for a variety of items.

The gear it comes with is great to get you started on the water. The rod combo however is a cheap Walmart combo that can be bought for 60 but they claim it’s a $100 value. Still a great starter kit

24pk Classic Stonefly Lifecycle Fly Collection
Carter Wenger
Gotta hand it to em’

I purchased a box from a large outdoors store and they sold me a winter edition box, and after a quick email these guys sent me a new box of flies. They all look great, cant wait to try them out on the water! Would highly recommend and I will be purchasing again.

My son loved receiving these fun boxes each month!!

Great for getting started is fly tying

Product was great. Slow action makes casting different and fighting easier I think. Shipping was interesting but it was fixed. Looking forward to continue using this rod.

Cool concept, great for anyone learning to tie and wanting to be challenged each month.

Great box for getting in to fly tying.

Great Rod

Just used my new Wade rod last week. I enjoyed every minute of it. This company needs more recognition. Customer service helped me exchange with ease when I had ordered the wrong weight rod.

Very nice all around 9 ft 5 wt combo

Really nice quality combo set up. This combo can deliver a dry dropper set up where you need it or launch a streamer across the river for that streamer bite. All around good quality and versatility at a affordable price. Solid rod and reel combo.