Whats in the Box: June 2019

Summer has arrived and that means longer fishing days and endless hatches going off all across the USA. The waters of the Northeast coast have come alive with Stripers and Bluefish galore and so have the redfish tailing happily in the marshes of the Southeast. No matter where you are fishing this summer, June's Postfly Boxes are coming in hot ready to get you out there to enjoy the best season of the year! Find out what came in this month’s boxes below and if you haven’t joined The Postfly Tribe yet, click here to sign up.

Trout - East

This month is all about the dry fly! No matter where in the East you are fishing, these dries are sure to match whatever hatch you find yourself in the middle of. Take the Patriot Stimulator for a walk up a mountain brookie stream or try any of the dries with a dropper under it while you're speculating for trout in bigger water, you're sure to come tight on a hungry trout!

Trout - West

Word on the street is that this summer is going to be an epic one for trout fishing all across the Rockies with record snowpack and somehow more snow storms going on in Montana and parts of Colorado. This months box comes packed with patterns to chase whatever hatch is popping off and then some! Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!


Pretty much every bass in the country is finally awake and wreaking havoc in their warm summer waters. This month's kit comes with a few favorites and 2 new patterns for us that have been crushing fish for us. The Bass Bully has become a go-to during low visibility fishing days, and the gummy minnow looks great trailing behind one of the poppers from last month! Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!


Now is the time to head to the coasts and start getting tight on big fish while enjoying the Summer sun! Whether your chasing Stripers in the Northeast or hunting tailers in the Low Country, this month's flies are ready to be strip set into any hungry fish's mouth! Have a favorite pattern from a previous box? Get a resupply of your go-to fly patterns at the Postfly Shop!

Salmon & Steelhead

The spring runs are coming in strong already this season and this month's steelhead and salmon kits are packed with a bunch of different color combos and profiles that are sure to entice a taker or two! Add a Postfly Steelhead and Salmon box to your subscription and never run out of flies this season.

Guide Series Highlight: Braided Rod Sheath

These things are just plain awesome. Simply slide them over your rod while its full strung up to protect it and keep your line manageable while you switch up fishing spots. If you've ever had a stray fly get snagged in your car upholstery while driving you know the struggle, and these tubes make it a thing of the past! Want double the flies and other bad-ass, intuitive accessories delivered to your door every month? Sign up for Guide Series today!

Fly Tying Videos:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abjLtrgUQT0 Learn to tie the Stimulated Patriot Dry Fly pattern, perfect for Summer evening hatches!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzhp7JqfMEQ Discover how to tie this crazy productive warm water streamer! https://postflybox.com/blog/2019/06/20/what-to-consider-before-picking-your-fishing-spot/ https://postflybox.com/blog/2019/06/18/how-to-start-fishing-mouse-flies-this-summer/ https://postflybox.com/blog/2019/06/14/become-inspired-introducing-our-newest-postfly-ambassadors/

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