What It's Like To Win The Famed Postfly X Cheeky Golden Ticket

If you're a member of the Postfly Tribe Facebook group then you already know about the excitement that the Postfly X Cheeky Golden Ticket contest drew. We weren't surprised though, since the Tribe Member that found the golden ticket in their box was going to win a free 6-month subscription to Postfly and a free Boost 350 reel from Cheeky Fishing. The ticket has been claimed and the winner is Steve Pagliocco, of New Jersey. We reached out to Steve to find out what went through his head when he opened the box, but it turns out he was in Florida at the time and had no idea that he won. " got home late last night and immediately opened my box," he said. "I was on vacation with my wife and a couple of friends in Florida, which was a lot warmer than New Jersey."
Steve Pagliocco, The Winner of the Postfly X Cheeky Golden Ticket Steve Pagliocco, the winner of the Postfly X Cheeky Golden Ticket, holds up his winnings.
Steve said that when he found out he was the winner he couldn't believe it. "Total shock; I don't ever win anything," he said. "I've been with Postfly for over a year now and really like the products and the people. I thought that it was great that you were giving back to your followers." Steve is already planning what to do with his winning and the obvious answer is that he's going fishing. "I'm going to mount the reel on my 6 wt, probably with a sink tip for streamers and the flies speak for themselves; been using Postfly for over a year now and going to keep it up," he said. He also has a few local fly fishing trips planned this year. "A couple of my friends and I make a donation to Casting for Recovery and we get to fish the east branch of the Delaware for a weekend in the Catskills at the end of April," he said. "My brother and I are going up to Joan Wulff school for an extended weekend in May. I'm fishing with George Daniels in September in PA and then going for steelhead I'm the Salmon river in late October. The rest of the time I'll catch some days in NJ while we have water." Enjoy your Boost 350 reel and 6-month subscription to Postfly Steve, go catch a ton of fish.
Don't worry, we're not through giving away awesome prizes to the Postfly Tribe. No way. We're going to announce the next contest on the blog on Monday, but if you already know you want to be entered to win, sign up for Postfly here.
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