We're Moving! (Want To Help Us Pack?)

We're tired of the city, so we're busting out of here and heading farther up the coast, closer to the fishing (and as it happens, closer to our favorite breweries...a coincidence, I swear) and we couldn't be more excited. That is, until we realized we had to pack up all of our inventory and move it to the new office. Truth is, we'd much rather just give it to the Postfly Tribe. The boss told us to move our entire inventory so that's exactly what we're doing. We've packed up a ridiculous amount of swag, gear and flies into a big stack of Postfly boxes. What's inside? Well that's for you to find out once you hit the river. Hurry up though, because these boxes are only available until we close up that moving truck, which means You now have until 9am (EST) on Sept 28th. Click here or the photo below to pick one up now!
Postfly Garage Sale Box Deal (It's like going to the coolest fisherman's garage sale ever, except without waking up super early and going with your grandparents.)
You don't have to be a Tribe Member to take advantage of this moving sale, but you can Join The Tribe here.
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