VIDEO: How To Tie A Masked Wooly Bugger

The wooly bugger, featured in this month's Fly Tying box, is one of the most effective patterns of all time, no matter the conditions or the species you're after. Many think of the wooly bugger as a "beginner pattern" since you're sure to find it in every fly fishing starter kit around, but if you ask any guide what fly they tell their clients to tie on more than anything, it's going to be a wooly bugger. Adding a Flymen Fishing Company Fish-Skull Fish Mask to a standard wooly bugger pattern, and their Living Eyes, can take that standard go-to pattern to the next level. The only question is, what fish are you going to chase with it? Materials Needed For A Masked Wooly Bugger Head: Fish-Skull Fish Mask #3 Eyes: Fish-Skull Living Eyes Hook: #8 Streamer Tail: Olive Marabou Feathers Body: Olive Chenille Hackle: Olive Palmered Hackle Thread: Olive Floss How To Tie A Masked Wooly Bugger
Masked Wooly Bugger Instructions Tying a masked wooly bugger is easy, but super effective on species all over the country.
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