VIDEO: How (NOT) To Tie A Holiday Fly

To celebrate the holiday season the whole Postfly crew sat down together behind a row of fly tying vises and whipped up their version of a holiday fly. The results varied greatly. By varied greatly I mean they were all levels of weird, sloppy monstrosities of fur and feathers that only mildly resemble an actual fly. You can get a head start on the Postfly Dare challenge for the month of December and start tying up a crazy holiday-themed pattern of your own. That's not the challenge though, the challenge is to actually catch a fish with it. Post your photos on Instagram and tag @postflybox with the hashtags #salmonclaus and #holidayfly to be entered to win your own grab bag of Postfly swag this holiday season. Watch The Festive Mayhem Below And Share Your Own Holiday Pattern! Want to come hang out at Postfly HQ and join in on the holiday fly tying fun? We're having our very first Tribe Member meet up tomorrow night (December 15th, 2016) at our office. Come to Vise Nite and swap fish stories, drink some beer, eat some food and of course, tie some flies with the Postfly crew. Click here to learn more. Sign up to get your own kit of fly tying materials delivered to your door every month. Join The Postfly Tribe now.
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