These Are The Flies You Want To Throw For Bass Right Now

Knowing what flies to throw is half the battle...actually, it's probably 90% of the battle. That's why Postfly was founded in the first place, to make catching fish easier by removing fly selection from the equation all together. We've expanded on that principle by offering the Signature Tyer Series fly kits, a selection of the highest quality flies around hand-tied and hand-picked by professional tiers from around the country. The first Signature Tyer Series kit for the 2017 season has been tied up by Sam Looper, who you might remember from last year's series. He's tied up an essential warm water box full of flies that every species is going to love, from big pushy flies for musky, smallmouth candy and largemouth treats. He answered a few questions about the kit, and fly tying in general, below. Meet Sam Looper and find out how he selected which flies were going to find a home in his Signature Tyer Series collection. Check out Sam Looper's Signature Tyer Series fly kit right here.
Check Out Sam Looper's New Signature Tyer Series Kit All of the flies you'd ever want to throw at big warm water fish right now.
Postfly: Why did you start tying? Sam Looper: I started tying to save money on flies. In all honesty, it was a natural step in the life of a fly fisherman. I started fly fishing and then tying my own flies. Art has always been important to me. In high school and college, I was a musician, so my outlet for art was performing. Today, it is fly tying.
Fly Tyer Sam Looper Holds Up A Big Carp Smile, every fish gets fooled by Sam Looper's warm water flies.
PFB: What's the idea behind this fly kit for the Signature Tyer Series? SL: I design and tie flies that I use and fish in my local waters, most of which are warm water fisheries. The flies in this month’s kit are designed for warm water applications, but they are also effective on any predator species in both freshwater and saltwater. There is enough diversity between the patterns in both size and color, single hook and articulated, to give any angler the opportunity to use something new and experience positive results.
Sam Looper Holds Up A Big White bass All different species fall for Sam Looper's fly selections.
PFB: What's your favorite fly in the kit? SL: The Spineless Minnow is most definitely my favorite fly. It was my first pattern I ever sold and has been awesome for smallmouth bass in my local river system. PFB: How would you recommend fishing this kit? SL: Each fly is different and each fly has a unique purpose. The Lovechild has that wedge-head design, but it is weighted and not buoyant, so it really digs. The articulated tail gives it that extra wiggle. The Fur Burger is a weedless, weighted baitfish with a rattle. I recommend fishing it on either a floating or sinking line per the fishing conditions. This fly is great in grass beds or structure with the weedless design.
Sam Looper Holds Up A Fat Brown Trout From His Home Waters Even cold water species love a good Sam Looper fly.
The Smallie Snack uses the Cohen Attractor Tail and creates a massive amount of motion when retrieved. The tail will twist into two full corkscrews triggering a predator to strike. I like using an intermediate or sinking line with this fly. The Spineless Minnow was created to target white bass and smallmouth bass here in Tennessee. It is effective using floating or sinking line with quick strips and a pause between. The fly wiggles when retrieved.
The Signature Tyer Series Kit From Sam Looper Check out the newest fly kit tie by Sam Looper for our Signature Tyer Series.
Want to start throwing the baddest flies around for the biggest warm water fish? Check out the latest Signature Tyer Series kit right here.
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