The Wade Quiver: Tidechaser

What is the Tidechaser? The Tidechaser from the Wade Rod Co is the workhorse in the Wade Quiver. Offered in 8 and 9 weights, its the rod you want if you're throwing flies at big fish. Developed first for chasing striped bass, bluefish and false albacore in the waters of New England, this rod has landed big fish across the country and in some far-off tropical destinations. What can I catch with the Tidechaser? The Tidechaser is perfect for fishing for any of the larger game fish species. Whether you're targetting Steelhead, Bass, Stripers, Bonefish, Salmon, or Esox, this rod can throw the flies you need to and do battle with the beast we know you'll be hooking into. Pair it with a reel that has a good drag system and a large arbor, and you have yourself a rig that any fish should be afraid of. What reel should I pair with the Tidechaser? We'd recommend the Cheeky Limitless Reel. It has an incredibly smooth and strong drag system and features an innovative fully sealed Gasket Drag System (GDS) that is impenetrable by the elements. Its got enough backing capacity to ensure that even if the fish runs far, you can still catch up to him! Want to check out the full line of Wade Rods? Check them out here!

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