Thank You, Internet: Tsimane 3x Season One

The Golden Dorado has quickly become one of the most sought-after game fish on the planet in the last few years! And the team at Tsimane Lodges have been on the forefront of the rise of the Dorado, and as you can see in the films, they have them pretty dialed in, to say the least. Dorado look like a toothy, jacked up trout hellbent on the destruction of flies and bait fish in their native waters on the South American continent. They fight like crazy, make tarpon-like headshaking jumps right after smashing huge meaty streamers (like those found in a Postfly Subscription)! Oh, and did we mention that they live in crystal clear mountain streams, so you get a front row seat to all the action! We owe a great debt to the team at Tsimane for creating this series, which is, as they put it, "Just Fish Porn" and they are not wrong. These shorts are the stoke reel you need if you are sending it to fish for any fish, especially those that slam streamers. Films produced by Tsimane Lodges. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Vimeo for the release of Season 2!

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