Introducing: PostFly Supply

fly floatant products We are very excited to introduce the launch of PostFly Supply! The response to our fly fishing subscription boxes over the past 12 months has been tremendous, and the #1 request has been "can I add more fly fishing supplies to my box?" Now, you can.

PostFly Shake & Bake

S&B PostFly Shake & Bake Fly Revival is like an oven to bring your drowned fly back to life! Our white powder and magic balls mixture has a desiccant to instantly dry your fly and simultaneously coat it with dry floatant. Drop your fly in, slightly close the lid without snapping it shut, SHAKE and BAKE! Our guide-tested and proven Shake and Bake is made in 'Merica with an eco friendly formula that will make greenpeace very happy. Add one to your next monthly flybox here, members save 10% on all PostFly Supply items and shipping is always free.

PostFly High & Dry

PostFly High And Dry

PostFly's High & Dry Fly Gel is a silcone-based, temperature stable floatant that will stand up to the toughest conditions. Rub a little High & Dry on your fly and watch it float like a styrofoam peanut! High & Dry is made in the US of A and can be added to your next monthly box here.

The Freaker


The Freaker is your new beer sweater. This must-be-magic, one-size-fits-all coozie does not discriminate. It will keep your 12 oz bottle, 1 liter whiskey handle, or aluminum can cool, your hands warm, and your buddies jealous. All that and it looks cool as a mofo. Add a Freaker to your next box here and help end bottle sweat forever.
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