How to Set Up Pike and Muskie Leaders

What you need:

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For Throwing Big Heavy Flies

  • Cut leader down to about 5 feet and tie a perfection loop at the tag end.
  • Take your store bought leader out. These usually come with some type of hardware, usually a clip to attach lures at one end, and on the other a heavy barrel swivel. You want to keep the clip that is at one of the ends. Cut the swivel and any other hardware off that end of the leader, leaving a welded loop free.
  • Now attach the steel leader you have fashioned to your leader using a loop to loop connection (just like how you attach any leader to your fly line)
  • Now you can swap out flies easily and have a leader capable of withstanding any sort of Esox attack!

Zero Twist Style

I prefer this style of leader when I am throwing types of flies that need to ride a certain way in the water, like game-changers for instance. The barrel swivel allows the fly to swim the way it is designed to and elicit the aggressive strikes these fish are capable of. To learn how to set this leader up, check out our post, here!

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