How To Plan Your Next Fly Fishing Trip Now

The light at the end of 2016 is appearing at the end of the tunnel. Many believe that 2016 is the worst year ever, so all the better reason to plan a killer fishing trip as soon as you can in 2017. Let's start the year off the right way, by going all in on the trip of a lifetime. Start Dreaming Stop what you're doing–yes, even if you're at work. It's Friday, no one will care you if just sit back a while and dream about what you want. One of the first steps of getting a trip in the books is getting the idea into your head that just won't leave you alone. A good trip doesn't start with a casual yearning to go, but with an all-out obsession with getting on the road and chasing some fish.
A Group Of Anglers Float A Cold Stretch Of River In Winter Whether it's a cold river or a tropical island getaway, your next trip is going to be glorious.
Whether you're curing winter woes with a DIY bonefish mission in the islands, or a freezing your jewels off on an icy river chasing steelhead, figuring out what you really want, deep down in your reptilian fly fishing brain, is the first step to planning your next trip. If you do choose to fish for winter chrome, just remember to bring lots of extra gloves. Really warm ones. Do The Research No trip can get off the ground without the right data and research to back it up. No matter how badly you're dreaming for a trip, if you don't have the logistics dialed in, you're not going. Local research, weather patterns, seasonal patterns, the right guide, there's a lot to plan and there's too little time to get it all figured out before it's wheels up. You might want some help on this one.
Check Out The Amberjack App Today If you're trying to plan your next trip, check out the Amberjack app for help.
Amberjack is a new app to help you get your trip dialed in with the right know-how about a new area, about the fish you can catch and everything about the right guide. Search for your next destination on the interactive map of the world and find out more in depth information about the area by click the pin. Once you've chosen the area, Amberjack has plenty of data about the area, like weather patterns and target species to help you get your gear ready and get psyched about the trip.
Amberjack Features Information About Fly Fishing Outfitters Everywhere Find out more about outfitters all over the world with the Amberjack app.
Once you have the spot picked out and you've chosen the species that is calling your name, then it's time to pick your guide/outfitter. Whether you want a full scale lodge with all the amenities a place can offer (luxury oceanfront breakfast anyone or you just want a local guide to show you the ropes, one-on-one, Amberjack can help you find a match. Prep Your Gear By and large this is my favorite part of an upcoming trip, besides the flat-out, giddy anticipation, is the sorting and prepping of gear. It's the fishiest form of meditation that you can find...besides throwing thousands of casts for a single bump from a winter steelhead while freezing your brains out. The cleaning, the organizing, oh the splendid knolling–I just can't get enough. Plus it's an excuse to drink a cold one while you look at cool fishing gear.
A Fly Angler Gets His Gear Ready To Fish Getting your gear ready is like a practice in fishy meditation.
Whether you're going on a crazy expedition that requires rafts full of gear, or you've paired down your supplies to just a few essentials carefully organized into an ultralight backpack, this is what separates the experts from the beginners. A carefully prepared set of gear will make any trip run smoother, give you more time fishing, and more fish catch. That means more time relaxing instead of just sitting at your desk all day long. Want to make sure your flybox is stocked up and ready to fish before the 2017 season starts? Join The Postfly Tribe now and get flies sent to your door every month.
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