How to Make Spool Tenders

I know what many of you are already thinking, "why would I make my own spool tender when I could buy one for 6 bucks at my local fly shop or on Amazon?". Well, where's the fun in that? There is nothing more satisfying than being out on the water and smoothly pulling tippet from a spool tender you made back at home. Luckily for you, Tim Flagler at Tightlinevideos made another super simple instructional video, this time on DIY spool tenders. These things make managing tippet an absolute pleasure. They function especially well when dealing with thinner tippet, such as 7X, that easily coils up caused by the tension from pulling the tippet from the restrictive spool tender that originally came with it. We hope you have as much fun as we did making these awesome spool tenders. Good luck! Not a member of the Postfly Tribe? Make sure you have a box coming your way next month and sign up today to get the best flies and gear sent right to your door every month.
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