Fishing flies for $5?

Yes, fishing flies for $5! We had so much fun the first time around that we're doing it again. Now through May 20 sign up for a PFB trout or bass box and the first one is only $5 shipped to your door! Visit and use promo code 5DOLLAFLYBOX at check out. Already a member? Well then, tell your buddies! The one thing that bros like more than beers is a great deal on fishing tackle. Send a note to a friend and you'll get $10 off your next month. After you do, shoot us an email at (yes .co NOT .com.... we need to change that!) with their name and when they sign up they'll get a box for $5 and you'll get your next one for $5. Great way to start a bromance if you are not currently involved in one.
fishing flies online $5 fly box at
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