Essential Gear for Striper Fly Fishing from a Boat

As you can probably tell, here at Postfly we get pretty excited when our stripers show back up in the waters around HQ in Newburyport, Mass. And as we're getting our gear ready we wanted to share with you the gear that we usually bring along any time we get to chase stripers off a boat:

Solid Deck Shoes

Weather and wind can be variable when you’re chasing stripers on the fly and having a good grip on the deck can be key to staying sure-footed when you pull up alongside a blitz. Plus, every boat deck is different and you can’t always count on a nice grippy surface. Make sure they're at least water resistant in construction because no one likes getting off the water with soggy wet feet.

Sun Gear

You never wonder if you have enough sun gear on until late in the day when you notice that your forearms are on fire. Having lightweight, breathable sun gear on makes keeping the suns harmful rays off you and will extend how long you're willing to be out exposed under the sun, and your future medical bills will thank you! So throw a buff, a wide-brimmed hat, and your favorite sun shirt in your boat bag and hit the water. Postfly Box Banner

Stripping Basket

While you might think a stripping basket is only good when you’re wading, we’d beg to differ. Sometimes you might be casting from somewhere other than the bow and you don't want to risk losing a fish to a fly line wrapped around a cleat or a buddy’s foot, trust me, I’ve been there!

Big Waterproof, Box O’ Flies

When you're out on a bot there's no time to head back to land to get the flies you left behind, so having a big box of diverse patterns is key when you're pursuing stripers. As the season progresses you can run into many different variations in baitfish and even more color variations of each fly. Plus when you're on a boat you can bring along a bigger box without sacrificing room in your pack so you can bring a big ol' box filled to the brim!

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