6 Questions With Postfly Ambassador Tessa Shetter

Catching fish on the fly all season long takes dedication and our new Ambassador profile series is taking a look at the lives of the anglers that are out there day in and day out, making it happen. Postfly Ambassador Tessa Shetter (@tessashetter) is an Alaskan native that spends her days catching giant trout and taking photos or shooting films that captivate the excitement of anglers all over the world. Use her lessons to start catching big 'bows and browns on the water like a pro. Postfly: What got you into fly fishing in the first place? Tessa Shetter: Being an Alaskan Native, I was basically born into the outdoors lifestyle. I caught my first salmon when I was three years old, but really got into fly fishing when I was 16. My dad and boyfriend have been very inspirational and great motivators during my learning process.
Postfly Ambassador Tessa Shetter Rowing Downriver In Alaska Tessa Shetter spends her days on the water gathering great content to share with the world.
PFB: How has your life changed since starting to fly fish? TS: My life has actually changed a great deal since I started to fly fish. It opened a door to a new passion, and I have had the pleasure of meeting some of my closest friends because of the hobby. I’ve also had amazing opportunities to work with some great companies and work on so many fun projects with them. PFB: What does it mean to you to be called an ambassador to the sport? TS: I love helping and inspiring others, and being an ambassador is a great way to exchange knowledge. I want to be an example to people and encourage them to get outside.
Alaskan Native Tessa Shetter Shows Off Alaska's Bounty Tessa Shetter shows off an Alaskan trophy, something any fly angler would dream of catching.
PFB: What's your favorite fish to chase on the fly? TS: That’s a tough question! I would probably say Arctic Greyling are my favorite to catch. They are so unique, and even in Alaska they are pretty elusive. It’s easy to determine when a greyling is on the end of your line by the way they fight, but they are the twitchiest fish you’ll ever hold! PFB: What's the coolest trip you've taken this season? (So far) TS: Since Alaska is so vast, I really don’t have to travel very far to catch fish. My boyfriend and I floated this year in one of our favorite spots, and ended up catching over 60 fish. Out of those 60+ fish, we each caught our biggest rainbow trout of the season, along with a whopping 17 inch grayling, (doesn’t seem big for a fish, but 17in is huge for a grayling!)
Postfly Ambassador Tessa Shetter Shows Off A Giant Alaskan Rainbow Trout Giant rainbow trout like this are Postfly Ambassador Tessa Shetter's bread and butter.
PFB: Where's your next trip? TS: I’m a poor, poor college student who can only afford to stay in Alaska for now. (sad face) This is part three of a series highlighting our Ambassador team to help you learn how to catch more fish and grow as a fly fisherman. Stay tuned for part four next Friday. Click here to read part two! Want to spend your days catching fish left and right like a Postfly Ambassador? Subscribe now and get flies and gear sent to your house every month.
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