5 Gear Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget This Winter

Feel that? The icy fingers of death slowly tightening around your happiness? That's what they call Winter. Sure some say screw it and spend these cold, dark months inside, hopefully at least tying flies, but others still get out on the water and make the best of uncrowded waters. Even if that means they have to fish a size 24 nymph under an indicator. You can still catch big fish! 1) Lots And Lots Of Layers Wether I'm going fishing or not, you'll find me wearing my trusted wool base layers the second that mercury starts to drop. Not only do I stay warm and toasty even when the wind is howling outside, but they're also just super comfortable. This way I can stay out on the water as long as I want, without giving in to the Winter temperatures. 2) Trusted Outerwear The word "trusted" above is the important half of that phrase. Not only do you want an outwear layer to keep you warm, but you also have to be able to trust it to stay dry and keep you warm all day, not just when you're driving to your spot. Staying dry is just as important as staying warm, so make sure your gear can handle a little moisture. Or a lot of it.
A Fly Angler Prepares To Fish In New Englands Cold Weather Winter can be a dark time, but that doesn't mean you can't catch fish.
3) Snacks, Warm Drinks And More Snacks...Oh My Line your jacket, wader pockets, flyboxes and even your beanie with snacks before heading out on a cold Winter day. Why? Well not only will that be delicious, but also because your body is warmer while digesting. Staying hydrated, especially with something that will keep you warm from the inside out, will make sure the wind doesn't suck the moisture out of your face, causing you to head in early. The best hot beverage? Soup. It's like magic. 4) (Still) Gotta Wear Shades Sure you might think that summertime is the time for a good pair of shades, but there's glare on the surface of the water all year long, so polarized sunglasses are still just as important. Once snow comes into the picture shades are even more important, as the sun will reflect off the white snow, straight into your eyes. Ever heard of snow blindness? Since you don't want to lose your shades, check out Flyvines, a Montana company that is taking old, recycled fly line and turning it into something we could all use, a cool sunglasses retainer. We featured Flyvines in our October boxes, but if you aren't a Tribe Member, you can still get yourself a pair. Sign up with the code "FLYVINES" at checkout and we'll toss in a pair for free.
Two Anglers Walk Under New England Fall Foliage The lovely Fall leaves are already dropping fast, hurry up and prepare for winter, before it's too late.
5) Proper Headwear That old adage that you lose 90% of your body heat through your eyes is actually 100% false, but it sure does feel that way when they're almost numb. Instead of risking catching a cold (sorry grandma, also not true), keep your noggin' toasty and stay out on the water with either our new Wade For It PomPom Beanie or new Centerfold Beanie. You didn't think I was going to go this whole post and not mention our badass new Winter hats did you? I mean, have you seen them yet? I'm even wearing one as I write this. Tired of having the same old flies that don't match the changing conditions? We send out a fresh batch of flies every month that adapt with the season, along with some more gear and general badassery. Join The Tribe of thousands of anglers just like you.
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