12 Of The Most Insane Things You Could Do With Postfly Gear

So we all agree now that Fly Fishing Will Save Your Life, but we were wondering what else could happen if you started fly fishing. Sure you can catch fish with Postfly gear, but there's so much more than you can do. Over a few beers in the office last night we came up with just a few of the craziest things you can do...at least these are the ones that we remember. 1) Catch A World Record –Hey, it could happen. The special mix of the ecosystem, food, fly choice, technique, voodoo black magic and downright luck could all come together to get you hooked up with a real monster. 2) Save The World –It takes a lot of baby steps to keep this world turning. Pick up a piece of trash and watch the butterfly effect work; all in a day's work to save the fishery you love most.
Postfly Apparel Looks Good Fact: Postfly gear makes you look goooood.
3) Get Laid ...Meet Your Soul Mate –It's a fact, you look better wearing Postfly apparel. We can't help it if showing off your fishy pride ALSO makes you irresistible. 4) Discover Buried Treasure –You're flipping over rocks looking for bugs in a river famed for working hard during the last gold rush. One of those rocks might be hiding a nugget so big you can retire early. (This may also help with #4). 5) See Life Differently –Start fly fishing and soon you'll start to look at life differently. If you're lucky enough you'll realize you need to start living differently, like right now.
A Fly Angler Gets Gear Ready While Living The Van Life Fly fishing is better when you're living out of your truck or van and never have to stop fishing.
6) Travel The World –Whether it's by private jet or a dirty hippie van, have fly rod will travel. Get out there and see as many different places as you can and make sure you get to fish them. 7) Get Out Of A Speeding TicketThose Postfly stickers you love so much you put on your truck window (every truck window)? Well it turns out the cop that just pulled you over is a fly angler. He forgot to give you a ticket, but you guys are hitting the river later this weekend. 8) Raise Kids That Aren't Total Psychos –Kids that fish are better kids. Get them on the water with you and they'll learn valuable life lessons. For example you will get rewarded for working hard. Another example: sharp pieces of metal hurt, they are not a toy.
Fly Fishing Jobs Are Better Than Your Job This could be your morning commute, it's time to quit that job you hate.
9) Quit Your Job –Start seeing life really differently (#5) and you may even realize you need a new day job. We weren't meant to sit at a cubicle our whole lives, just waiting to die; we were meant to fish. Ditch work, grab your gear, go fishing (and never have to stop). (Disclaimer: you still need a job to buy fishing gear, but just make it a cool one like these fly fishing jobs). 10) Dodge A Bullet –If you're on the river you won't get mixed in with the wrong crowd like your mother always warned you about. Therefore, you won't get shot at in a back alley while making bad decisions. Think about it, every bullet that's ever fired has missed you. I'm not wrong. 11) Get FamousWe send you flies, you catch fish and post a photo, we share it with the world. Because you're a dapper fellow or lady and the fish is giant, the post goes viral. Insta-famous.
A Fly Angler Pulls A Fish Out Of His Net In Alaska You never know what fish could find itself in your net on a given day, keep casting.
12) Discover A New Species –Scientists are constantly discovering new species, so if you're on the water more than them, why can't you discover it first? Find something truly unique and you might even be able to name it yourself. We'll start thinking up some names for ya: piscatorious maximus, drunkus lotso beeris, Postflyous piscine...we'll keep thinking. (#believeinthecuttybrownbow) Want some Postfly Tribe Member gear of your own? How about getting it sent to your door every month without raising a finger? Sign up now for a Postfly subscription of your own and Join The Tribe.
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