Tessa Shetter

Tessa Shetter

Being an Alaskan Native, fishing basically runs through her blood. She has been fishing as long as she can remember, but her earliest memory was being 3 years old fishing on the Talkeetna River and reeling in her first salmon on a pink Barbie fishing rod.

On her 16th birthday, her grandpa gave her, her first fly rod. It was a tough technique to learn, but once she caught her first fish on a fly rod (a tiny arctic grayling) she was hooked.

She now spends her free time fishing as much as she can, exploring new waters and increasing her skills. Her favorite fish to target are trout/steelhead, salmon, and arctic grayling. Her fishing partner & boyfriend, Kory (@koryrobbins), and her run their own photography/videography business, KorVisuals (@kor.visuals), and both attend the University of Alaska.

When she isn't fishing or going to school, she likes to head south to Oregon and spend as much time as she can with her family! 

Keep up with Tessa's Alaskan fishing adventures over on her Instagram page! 

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