Kayla Lockhart

Kayla Lockhart

Kayla was Born and raised in small farm town in Minnesota. She is the second oldest of 7 girls (yes that is right all girls!) With her dad having no sons he really honed in and jumped at the opportunity when Kayla showed the slightest bit of interest in the outdoors and they became fishing and hunting buddies quick.

She spent her youth fishing and hunting all over Minnesota but it wasn’t until she was 24 that she found her love for Fly Fishing. This was also the time she finally ventured out of her home state and explored some new waters and lands and moved to Portland OR.

When not on the water you can find Kayla enjoying one of her other hobbies she enjoys in life - Playing Music (ukulele and Banjo), painting, embroidery, cross stitching, string art and riding her dirt bike through the thick, lush, fern filled forests in the PNW.

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