FreshSalt Fishing

FreshSalt Fishing

FreshSalt Fishing are our dynamic ambassador brother duo from Charleston, South Carolina!

Colin & Westin are the brothers behind FreshSalt who have been fly fishing since they were young, starting out on the freshwater fisheries of Wyoming and Western North Carolina. By day, Westin works at a fly shop and Colin works as a videographer. They have taken their passion for fly fishing and Colin's skill behind the camera to spend as much time as possible on the water filming to bring the experiences and knowledge that they accumulate to the fly fishing community.

They are focused on inspiring others to get out and enjoy this amazing planet we live on through fly fishing. Doing so in a manner that will preserve and protect our resources for future generations.

They both enjoy camping and hiking or any activity that keeps them outdoors! Keep up with all of their fly adventures over on their Instagram or Youtube Channel!


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