Fishbait's Flybox

Pulling up to my Post Office, anticipation grabbed me.  I checked my box over and over ever since I received the notice that my little black box shipped.  I knew the box had to be sitting, waiting, wanting me to pick it up… today.  Today had to be the day.  I checked my mail box for the last three days in hopes that this little black box might show up early only to be disappointed.  So, today… I knew… it had to be there.  The anticipation overpowered me as I slid the key into the hole of my mailbox and turned.  I could almost feel the gears turn inside the their cylinder as the lock granted me access to the little black box that forced me to wait impatiently while it traveled from Massachusetts to Nevada in five days.  The door to my box swung open, I looked in, and…IT CAME.  It came…after waiting for almost a month my little black box finally came. I knew today was the day.   My PostFly box finally arrived.

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