Fallfish Tenkara

"Over the past few months my fly collection had become dangerously depleted. On one trip alone I lost eight flies to underwater snags, large fish, and tree branches. Flies sold at the mega fishing stores in Japan are not only expensive but they tend to fall apart quickly. Then I came across Postfly Box, a fly mail delivery service, and figured it was worth a shot.

Postfly Box offers Trout, Bass, Saltwater, and Steelhead fly subscriptions with the option to “beef up” the fly count so that if you lose that ‘magic fly you’ll have an extra in your box’. You can opt for the basic one month subscription all the way up to a yearly subscription. I opted for the basic trout fly subscription, which only costs $15 a month  – shipping included (I can knock that down to $12 a month if I opt for the 1 year subscription at $144)!"

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