What Will You Find Inside Your Postfly Box This December?

The holidays are here and unfortunately for those anglers like us that are stuck in cold weather climates, so are the frigid temperatures. Whether you're sight fishing marsh trophies in a light jacket or freezing your butt off and constantly clearing ice from your guides for a shot at a single fish up north, the December box from Postfly is starting to show up to Tribe Members everywhere. No matter how you want to chase fish this season, even if you'd rather just spend the time at your vise waiting for Spring (that's smarter), our December boxes are here to help you hook up. Find out what you'll find in the latest Postfly Box and if you missed out on this month, sign up now to make sure you get the next one sent right to your door.
Postfly's December Boxes Are Out The Door Find out what's inside Postfly's December boxes now and get ready to fish!
We've come a long way from our humble beginnings. Our founder Brian Runnals used to spend all night packing boxes by himself in his basement and now we've got a whole team of dedicated fly anglers cranking out thousands of boxes every month to lucky Tribe Members all over the world.
A Look Back At Postfly's History After three years we couldn't be more stoked to keep supplying the Postfly Tribe with flies and gear every month.
Postfly's December Trout Flies Are Ready To Fish Find out what trout anglers all over the country are fishing with this month.
Learn Hank Patterson's Expert Fly Fishing Tips Hank Patterson, the world's greatest fly fishing guide, shares his tips for fly anglers during the holidays.
Find Out The Steelhead Flies For Postfly's December Box The steelhead fly selection this month will keep chrome chasers hooking up all winter.
Saltwater Anglers Enjoying Warmth Can Hook Up With Clouser Minnows Enjoy the warmth on behalf of all of us at Postfly HQ you winter saltwater anglers.
The Kreelex takes the phrase "flashy streamer" to a whole new level. It's pretty much all flash with a little sexy wiggle thrown in to push fish over the edge. This pattern is so easy to tie you'll be able to crank out fly after fly and fill up your flybox in no time. Check out the tying instructions below, or check out the fly tying video here now and learn to tie the Kreelex in just a few minutes.
Postfly's Fly Tying Recipe For December Learn how to tie up your own Kreelex streamer in just a few minutes.
Want to win yourself a Postfly Prize Pack this month? Tie up the coolest holiday fly that you can think of, and, actually catch a fish on it. It's the balance between absolute holiday cheer-induced insanity and fly tying creativity. Tag @postflybox on Instagram and be sure to include the two hashtags #salmonclaus and #holidayfly to be entered. Good luck!
The Postfly Dare From The December Box Find out how to win a Postfly prize pack for tying
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A Fly Angler Releases A Winter Brook Trout Who else misses catching fish and releasing them without freezing your hands off?
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