We're Going Live Tomorrow, Send Us Your Questions Now

We're going to start packing boxes tomorrow and we're going live for only one hour starting at 1pm to hang out, answer your questions, pack some boxes and to give away one of our Wade For It hats at the very end. How are you going to win? You'll have to wait for the live video to start rolling to find out how you can enter to win. (Hint: it'll be easy). Ready to have your mind blown? Normally our shipping cutoff is the 15th of every month, but if you missed out on this month's box and still want to become a Tribe Member, you can subscribe to Postfly during the live video with the code: BOXLIVE for 25% off, and you'll get a free first box that we'll pack and ship for you on camera, with a shoutout of course. The code will only be valid during the live stream, from 1pm-2pm tomorrow so make sure to schedule your work day accordingly. What do you want to know about us? Have a question about fly fishing? Just curious about our favorite beer? Leave us a question below in a comment, or stop by our Facebook page and comment on this post or the live video itself. Make sure to stop by tomorrow at 1pm and we'll answer everything we can get to within the hour.
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