VIDEO: The Last Best Man

Nothing stirs the emotions better than fly fishing, except for maybe fly fishing films. From hyped-up saltwater guys slinging their bugs to giant fish in skinny water, or picture-perfect rainbows delicately sipping dries off the surface, every year filmmakers get better and better and the films keep progressing even faster. Of the many brands to jump on the bandwagon of producing their own short films, Yeti released a series of shorts to celebrate Father's Day, one of which is a look at fly fishing guide Hilary Hutcheson’s father, Dave, and his life dedicated to the outdoors, called "The Last Best Man." "Spending decades as a Park Ranger at Mount Rainier National Park, retired to Montana’s Glacier Park and all but retreated from the wild activities that defined his career," said the Yeti YouTube page. Hilary is out to change all that, taking her father out for a day of fly fishing, reminding us that fly fishing is within us all–whether we know it yet or not. Join thousands of other fly anglers spending more time on the river and less time digging through bins of over-priced flies.
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