VIDEO: How To Tie The Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper

Summer is the time to tie on a topwater popper, grab a few friends and search for hungry bass that are ready to explode on the surface. It's the best show you'll find in fishing during the dog days of summer and with the right popper it's hard to beat. We partnered with Flymen Fishing Company to include their brand new Surface Seducer Double Barrel foam popper heads in our freshwater and saltwater tying kits for the month of July. They're just so deadly we had to get them in the hands of our Tribe Members. So far the response has been fishy, with anglers all around the country nailing fish left and right and having a blast (get it? shotgun jokes...) tossing their Double Barrel creations all over the place. Tying this pattern is easy with the materials included in the July Postfly tying boxes. If you missed out on this month's box, make sure to subscribe now so you can get the newest materials as they come out, without even having to go to the store. You just focus on getting on the water as much as you can and we'll focus on the rest.
The Surface Seducer Double Barrel Topwater Popper Fly Recipe Learn to tie the Surface Seducer Double Barrel Topwater Popper, it's easy.
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