VIDEO: How To Tie The Kreelex

I love tying flies, but by far my favorite is turning out a pile of flashy streamers. Sure I can tie a nymph, but it always makes me seriously question my abilities and dexterity. (Usually, it's seriously lacking). The Kreelex takes the term "flashy streamer" to a whole new level–it's pretty much all flash actually. Once you get the basic principles of the Kreelex down, start experimenting with different materials and see what you can create. The pattern for the Kreelex is so simple and so effective that any way you tie it will get you hooked up. Learn How To Tie The Kreelex With The Video Below: Sign up for Postfly now and start the 2017 fly fishing season off the right way, by getting flies and gear sent right to your door all year long. Join The Tribe Now.
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