VIDEO: How To Tie The Egg-Sucking Leech

The egg-sucking leech, featured in Postfly's January fly tying kit, was the first fly that I wanted to tie because it looked just so damn effective on winter and early springtime fish, no matter where you are in the country. Whether I first saw it in a fly fishing film or somewhere in the dusty corners of the tiny, lonely fly fishing section at my local bait shop, I don't know, but once I saw it I couldn't forget it. The best part about that little anecdote is that I was right, this pattern has long become a staple in every flybox all around the country, whether you're swinging flies for stubborn steelhead or ripping it through a seam in search of a hungry brown. Even better than a fly that's so effective is one that's also just as easy to tie. Learn How To Tie The Egg-Sucking Leech With The Video Below: Want to learn how to tie flies this winter? Sign up for Postfly now to get all the materials to tie a new pattern every month sent right to your door.
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