VIDEO: Fly Fishing Is About Doing What You Love – Postfly Founder Brian Runnals

We eat, sleep, breathe, daydream and regular dream about fly fishing, which is exactly why we work at Postfly, trying to spread that passion all around the world. Postfly's founder/President/El Jefe, Brian Runnals, is the reason we're all here in the first place. Brian started Postfly in his basement, as a side project that he never expected would turn into a full blown company. The fact that we still have many Tribe Members since the very humble beginning is why we still work so hard to pack up your boxes every month. Thank you. Meet Brian Runnals And See What It’s Like To Run Postfly Click here to watch part two in the series and meet our operations manager/coach Greg "Coach" Hansen. Brian wants to make sure every fly fisherman around has the right flies every time they hit the water. Sign up for Postfly today and Join The Tribe.
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