VIDEO: A Day In The Life Of A Fly Fishing Artist

The hype is building around the contest for two metal fish sculptures created by Flood Tide Fabrications going to two lucky Postfly subscribers. So much hype in fact that we wanted to give you a look into a typical day at Matt Arsenault's metal shop and see what it looks like to cut a rainbow trout out of metal. Spoiler alert: it's pretty cool. Watch the video below and learn more about the life of a fly fishing artist. Sign up for a Postfly subscription now for a chance to win a metal striped bass or a metal rainbow trout (and get some killer flies and gear sent to your door every month). See A Day In The Life Of A Fly Fishing Metal Artist Make sure you have a chance at winning a free metal rainbow trout sculpture or a free metal striped bass sculpture from Flood Tide Fabrications. All you need to do is be a member of the Postfly Tribe before May 15th for a chance to win.
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