Tying Up Le Bugs To Catch Le Fish!

When looking buggy is the name of the game this is the fly that's gonna put a fish on the end of your line. Isn't looking buggy always the name of the game? Well, yes young grasshopper, however, we've all experienced those days on the river when fish won't bite on anything even what's hatching. Sometimes they just know, they have an eerie fish sense, and that's when you need something that down right just looks buggy deep in the water column. Not too buggy but buggy enough, and that Amigos is Le Bug! Check out how Tribe Leader Tessa Shetter whips up some Le Bugs before putting them to work. Not a member of the Postfly Tribe? Make sure you have a box coming your way next month and sign up today to get the best flies and gear sent right to your door every month.
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