Think You Have What It Takes To Be The Best Fly Tyer?

Starting this week you have the chance to win big by tying the flies that you're already going to tie anyways. How do you win? When you get your Postfly Tying Kit in the mail, start brainstorming. The tyer that whips up the coolest pattern using those materials (and any other materials you want) wins. The Postfly Monthly Tie-Off is here! Postfly Box Banner "Top Bobbin" gets a swag bag of Postfly gear that includes a piece of apparel, a fistful of stickers, and a free box along with their next shipment. So what are you waiting for? This is for Tribe Members only, so you'll be competing with thousands of anglers all around the country to see who's the best creator of all things fur and feathers. Think you have the skill and the creativity to tie the best fly around?
Postfly's New Monthly Tie Contest Tie Or Die, use Postfly's monthly tying kits for a chance at a swag bag of flies, gear, and apparel.
Need a tying kit of your own? Sign up now to get next month's Postfly Tying Kit and join in on the fun.
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