The Weird, Crazy S@#*% We Say During Packing Week

If you're a member of the Postfly Tribe then you might know that every box that reaches your doorstep was hand packed by one of us here at Postfly HQ. With so many Tribe Members all around the world, that means one week every month gets dubbed, "Packing Week" and the place becomes an absolute mess while we pack thousands upon thousands of boxes of flies and gear. During that week things get pretty weird. We get loopy, our fingers turn to mush from folding so many boxes and our minds start to wander. We wanted to give you just a taste of the craziness that comes out of our mouth after a few days of packing your boxes up. I'll try my best to translate the weirdness back into plain English so you know what we're talking about. If you want us to pack you up a box next month, make sure to Join The Postfly Tribe today.
Things The Postfly Crew Says While Packing Thousands and thousands of boxes for days on end can make you go a little bit crazy.
"Be One With The Sticky Thumb" To make sure your boxes don't pop open on the way to your door we use a special tape to seal the boxes tight. Since we seal each box by hand, after just a few boxes you start to get some glue on your thumb from sealing the boxes. After thousands of seals, you get what we call, "The Sticky Thumb." A thumb so sticky that you could reasonably expect to pick up a small child with just the adhesive residue alone. It makes eating lunch a tricky affair. "Bag'em & Tag'em" After packing up all of those VHS tape sized boxes (at least 65% of you will know what that is), we need to tag each one with a label and put them inside big bags so they get delivered to your door instead of ending up loose inside the mail truck. The number of bags we had at the end of packing week a few months ago is now the amount of bags we put out each day. Things are getting crazy here at Postfly HQ. "Roast Beef or McDonalds?" When you're working hard and running around all day trying to get boxes out the door you need to keep your body in top physical shape. Usually, that means we need to run out and get food, but since we're so short on time, that usually means the fastest, dirtiest food possible to get back to packing as soon as we can. That leaves us with the choice of roast beef or McDonalds, neither of which makes us feel any good. One day we'll start eating salad. "We're Down" Lots of Postfly boxes means a lot of ailing labels have to get printed, which is why our big industrial printer prints on rolls of more than 3,000 at a time. We'll feed the label through a pipe in the ceiling so that it will hang down and continuously have a fresh label ready as the boxes get sent down the table. At the end of the roll, the roll falls and that means we're just about down, which is why hearing the phrase, "we're down" is maybe the best moment ever.
Life During Postfly Packing Week Box 3,462 of what feels like ten million. This is when we really start to get loopy.
"We Should Go Fly Fishing" The joke around that office is when you work at a fly fishing company the last thing you ever get to do is actually go fly fishing. Sure the bulk of the cause for that is that it's been Winter and there hasn't been a sliver of un-frozen water anywhere near us, but this happens in the summer too. Instead, we settle for living vicariously through the Postfly Tribe. The next time you're out there fishing, remember that you're not just fishing for your own happiness, but for ours too. Make it count. Want to make sure we pack you a Postfly Box next month? Join The Tribe and get the best flies and gear sent right to your door ever month.
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