The Wade Quiver: The Nymphster

What is the Nymphster? The Nymphster is a 10 ft 4-weight rod designed for tight-line nymphing for trout. This is a technique that has recently become a popular alternative to the more common indicator nymphing (fishing with nymphs below a floating indicator or bobber). You can also use the additional length of the rod to increase your casting and reach distance while on the water, when you couple it with a traditional 4-weight floating fly line. Tight-lining can be advantageous in areas where trout hold in the riffles, a type of water that is very difficult to indicator nymph. The leader setup may look strange to the new angler, but believe me, this method of fishing can open up many new opportunities to target many types of fish. What is "Tight-Line Nymphing"? Tight-line nymphing is a non-traditional way of presenting flies to fish (primarily trout) with a longer rod like the Nymphster with a long leader in a shorter, close-quarters method that allows you to be in constant connection with your flies, rather than relying on a bobber to alert you when a fish has eaten your flies. Check out our article "What is Tight-line Nymphing?" for how to nymph and rig your new Nymphster! What can I catch with the Nymphster? The Nymphster is also a great stick for targetting many different species, use the tight-line approach and the rods 10 ft reach to stealthily drop flies in front of wary carp, trout, bass, salmon and many other species! Paired with a good reel, there's not much that swims in a creek that this rod cannot handle! What reel should I pair with the Nymphster? We recommend pairing the Nympster with a light-weight reel as it is a lighter rod. Having a lighter weight reel will also improve your ability to feel when a fish takes your nymph, we recommend the Taylor Enigma ESD because it is super lightweight, has a great drag system, and holds all the line you would ever need to land any fish on the Nymphster. Check out the Enigma ESD here! Want to check out the full line of Wade Rods? Check them out here! Be sure to follow Wade Rod Co. on Instagram @waderods!
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