The Wade Quiver: Freestone

What is the Freestone? The Freestone from Wade Rods is a 9 ft. 5 weight fly rod. Designed for all-around fly fishing no matter if you're hucking nymph rigs, or a tiny dry fly, this rod is a cannon. Long enough to give you the reach you need while still being able to make long casts! What can I catch with the Freestone? Short answer: Just about anything that will eat a fly. This rod is delicate enough to throw microscopic flies with deadly accuracy, but can still launch heavier streamers with ease! Personally, we have landed carp, bass, stripers, bonefish and countless trout. Filmmaker Eric Estrada created an epic series titled "The 5 wt Chronicles" where he chases different species on a 5 wt exclusively. We highly recommend you check it out, to see how versatile a 5 weight rod truly is! What reel should I pair with the Freestone? The Freestone balances many different reels exceptionally well. For saltwater, we would recommend a reel with a sealed drag like the Taylor Revolution or Cheeky Limitless. For freshwater, a simpler unsealed reel would be appropriate like the Cheeky Boost or the Taylor Enigma! Want to check out the full line of Wade Rods? Check them out here!

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