The Wade Quiver: Blueliner

What is the Blueliner? The Blueliner is a 7 ft 3-weight rod designed to be compact and sling line in the tightest of waters. We decided to produce this rod after spending some time in the mountains walking up tiny creeks in search of wild mountain trout. We encountered creeks with low overhangs and lots of branches to get caught on. This rod is compact and easy to cast, making it a deadly tool for hunting trout. Not to mention super lightweight, which makes it incredibly easy to pack in and out of the backcountry! Wade Rod Co Banner 1 Straight Fork Ravens What is "Blue Lining"? Blue-Lining is a term that refers to how creeks show up on topographical maps as blue lines. Especially used in the Appalachian Mountains, referring to wading up small mountain tributaries in search of native brookies and wild trout. Blue Gill Blue Liner Wade Rod Co What can I catch with the Blueliner? Although it was designed with wild trout in mind, it is the perfect tool for panfish and bass as well! Whether you are just throwing big dry flies to hungry trout, or poppers and small streamers for panfish, the Blueliner can handle it with ease. Taylor Reels Enigma Revolution What reel should I pair with the Blueliner? We recommend pairing the Blueliner with a light-weight reel as it is a lighter rod. Having a lighter weight reel will also improve your ability to feel when a fish takes your fly, we recommend the Taylor Enigma ESD because it is super lightweight, has a great drag system, and holds all the line you would ever need to land any fish. Check out the Enigma ESD here! Want to check out the full line of Wade Rods? Check them out here!
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