The Essential Postfly Holiday Gift Guide

It can be tough getting a gift for a fly angler. So tough in fact that I've already written a whole article on the topic to make it easier for everyone involved. (Read: "How To Make Every Angler Happy This Holiday" here). In case you want to get something else for your favorite fly angler, we've gathered up the greatest hits from the Postfly shop and laid them all out below. It's easy to shop for everyone on your list (yes, even yourself) when you know your options.

What To Get Your Friends

Fishing gear, especially fly fishing gear, can be a personal thing. The brand of waders you like, the flies you throw, the action of the fly rod you love, it all says something about your personality and the way you like to fish. Sure you could probably get close to what your fishing buddies want, especially if you spend hours and hours on the water with them, but there's always a chance you'll get something they won't use.
Learn What Every Fly Angler Wants This Christmas What are you going to get the fly angler on your list that they don't already have?

Under $100

To help with that, there are a few easy gifts you can be confident that they'll love. Take gifting a fly box to the next step and get a Loaded Tacky, 88 trout flies packed into Tacky's silicon flybox, perfect for the angler that is always out on the water, or the one that's just getting their start and needs to fill up their stash. Something that's even better than a loaded flybox though is a box of flies sent to your door every month. Gift a Postfly Subscription and we'll take care of the rest, sending essential gear that every fly angler needs every month. It's a gift that truly keeps on giving, and giving and giving...
Give A Postfly Gift Subscription This Holiday A Postfly Gift Subscription is a gift that just keeps on giving all year long. a

Under $50

If an angler is a little more versed in the world of flies and gear, they'll know quality when they open it up this holiday. Our Signature Tyer series boxes feature the highest quality flies around, tied by that artists of fly fishing, the guys that are magicians of fur and feathers. Each box in the series is targeted at a specific species, sometimes themed to make a certain tactic more effective during the right time of year. Want a holiday themed Signature Tyer box? Our latest tyer, and the last one for 2016, is Pete Rosenau, who's trout flies are all named after your favorite Thanksgiving meals. If you want a wide range of patterns that will be effective right around the holiday season, pick up Rosenau's Signature Tyer series box and give a fly angler a better chance and getting their Christmas day trophy.
Help Your Favorite Angler Catch More Fish This Year Help the fly angler on your list catch more fish next season with a gift from Postfly.

Under $25

The best thing to get a fly angler, if you're not going to give them gear, is apparel, but apparel they'll actually wear. We're a funny bunch in that we want to show off our fly fishing pride every single chance we get. On our off the water, the clothes we wear should be covered in fish art, comfortable enough to wear on the water and completely badass. Postfly's Apparel is exactly what you're looking for. Whether you want to get an angler a hat, a comfortable tee shirt or a Postfly Sticker Pack, there's bound to be something that they'd love to wear all year long. Need something a little warmer to help with the Winter chill during the holidays? We just released two new Winter hats, check out the Centerfold Beanie and the Wade For It Pom Beanie now.
Postfly's Erin Foley Shows A Fish The New Centerfold Beanie The new Postfly Centerfold Beanie is low profile, toasty warm and crazy comfortable.

What To Get Yourself

What, do you think the holidays are all about other people? Of course, they are (but at the same time....) –it's alright to gift yourself something every once in a while. Whether you want some new Postfly swag, or you want to hook yourself up with a Postfly subscription and get the best flies and gear sent to your door every month, just remember: you work hard, you deserve this.
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