The College Angler: Holiday Gift Guide

Depending on where you are, the leaves are either starting to change color, you’re still in flip-flops or you’ve already had to shovel a foot of snow off of your car. The one redeeming quality of the late fall to early winter transition is THE HOLIDAYS! Whether you’re in a pickle and don’t know what to get your own college angler for the holidays, or, you’re like me and use the tactic of sending my mom articles about the hot new items in the fly fishing world to subtly hint at what I want, this article should help you out! Here is the official College Angler Holiday Gift Guide:

Yakoda Supply Fly Tin

College students have enough to worry about with complicated academic, social and extracurricular schedules, so, the one thing that could help them out is some simplicity with their fly fishing gear. The Yakoda Supply Fly Tin is a simplistic, yet mighty fly box that is perfect for the college angler heading out to the creek after class. It offers a sleek and aesthetic profile, while still supplying the ability to hold all the flies you’ll need for the day. I’ve been using the Fly Tin for my local VT trout adventures and have loved the fact that my pack isn’t bulging with boxes that struggle to fit inside.

Loon Rogue Mitten Scissor Forceps & Zinger

After living the college angler lifestyle for a while now, I’ve realized that aside from actually having your rod, reel and flies, having easily accessible tools is one of the most important things an angler needs on the water (those of you who have forgotten or lost nippers know what I mean). The benefit of the Zinger far outweighs any cost—being able to quickly grab your nippers from the side of your pack, clip the line, let your nippers go and know they’ll still be there saves you so much time while rigging up and not stressing about retracing your steps to find where you may have dropped your nippers.

A Postfly Subscription

The Postfly subscription is perfectly tailored to the college angler lifestyle—it is easy on the wallet (this way anglers don’t have to pay for often expensive fly shop flies), gives them something new to try every month, and even gives them tips on how to use those flies. The Fly Tying Subscription or Kits provide the perfect gift for those anglers that don’t go fishing in the winter months and spend their time tying flies by the fire for the spring.

"Wade For It” Hat

Known as the fishiest hats in the North East, the Postfly line of hats will keep you looking fresh while keeping that pesky old sun out of your eyes. With a ton of styles, you're sure to find the perfect one for that special angler!

Vedavoo Rod Holster

We are all too familiar with the subtle immature “hehehehe” from our college friends after they look up to see us picking a fly out of our box with our rod sticking out in between our legs or the struggles of trying to take a picture of a fish without placing our rod down in a bad spot. The solution to this? The Vedavoo Rod Holster provides a quick and easily accessible system to hold your rod while you’re re-tying, unhooking a fish or stopping to pick your nose.
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