Past Boxes: January Fly Fishing Subscription Box

Here's a look at one of our recent box shipments! Though winter has many folks holed up, we're arming you with some go-to flies in the event you catch a day or two of nice weather. If you're trout fishing, think small! On a nice winter day, try floating the double midge over your favorite winter pool, you might surprise yourself and tempt up a hungry trout. If you've got open water to chase some bass, try tossing our mouse pattern near some structure close to shore, let it make a big splash and pause a few seconds before skittering it across the top, you'll be amazed how that pause will draw an aggressive struck from a lurking bass. Jan-2016-newsprint-3 One of the things we love the most is introducing Postfly Nation to other small brands and companies that we think you'll love. Our friends at Coffee Kind are offering up $10 off your first order of their delicious brew with code POSTFLYCOFFEE. They've got a subscription and one time purchase options to deliver you the freshest coffee beans from small batch growers around the world. Coffee Kind Fly Fishing Coffee This month, members got a sample of our premium tapered leader in their boxes. We've got it in stock in size 2X-7X, and a 2 pack will run ya $6 with free shipping. Jan-2016-newsprint-4 Jan-2016-newsprint-5 Jan-2016-newsprint-6 We've recently added monthly fly tying boxes as well! If you've always wanted to learn how to tie, this is a simple, fun, un-intimidating way to tie up a new pattern each month for just $19/mo. Check out all of our monthly fishing subscription boxes, fly fishing gear and apparel at www.postflybox.comJan-2016-newsprint-8
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