Now Offering Wade-Approved Waders

Everyone needs a good pair of waders, boots and a jacket that they can trust when the weather turns. Fly fishing gets downright miserable without the right gear, which is why we've recently partnered with Compass 360 to offer their lineup of wading gear to the Postfly Tribe so you guys can stay warm, dry and comfortable on the water and stay out there longer.
Postfly Testing The Compass 360 Waders We've put these waters to the test for months and they aren't slowing down.
We've been testing out their lineup of wading gear relentlessly since last summer and we're shocked at how well they hold up. Each piece of gear looks and performs as if it's brand new, even though we put it through hell, and the cost is what really blows our mind. For half, or even less, what you'd pay for the waders you see in the fancy catalogs you can get a great new set of gear that'll last just as long and perform just as well. Check out their full lineup on their website,, or if you want to get hooked up with some new wading gear right now, shop Compass 360 products on the Postfly site right here.
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