Mastering Your Fish Selfie Game

Solo outings - You get all of those juicy spots to yourself, peace and quiet, no one to judge you for the crazy mad loops you’re always slangin’, to talk trash to you about all of those wind knots in your leader from the mad loops you’ve been slangin’...but damn, you just hooked into a hawg and there’s no one around to snap that hero shot of you for the ‘gram. If you don’t get that pic, it didn’t happen, right? You pull out your phone, hold the fish out in front of you, snap the picture, and send the fish on its way. While you’re looking at the photo and wishing someone was around to take a better one, your phone rings and it’s an unknown answer... You - Hello? Unknown Caller - 2012 wants it’s photo back. ***Hangs up***
2012 Fish Selfie Justin Carf You know they’re right.
It’s time to step up that hero shot selfie game. Follow these steps and you’re gonna be on your way to impressing your friends with some sweet shots of your solo outings, and really doing the fish you catch justice with a better photo, because, they deserve to look good (and so do you).

GoPro taking a photo of my DSLR taking a photo of me using my phone as a remote.

Learn your device - Utilize the self-timer feature on your device. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your phone, GoPro, or fancy camera...they all come with this feature. If you’re using a GoPro take advantage of the time lapse option. It’ll take a photo every ½ second, you’ll just need to go through a bunch of photos and pick out the best one to keep. You can even use your phone as a remote for GoPro’s and most newer fancy cameras.

Make those fish look bigger. Extend that arm towards the camera.

Setting up the shot - If you love fishing, but you’re also about that ‘gram life, take a few moments to look around where you’re fishing. Don’t just take in the sights, but look for spots you could possibly set up if you happen to hook up with a fish you want a photo of.

Photo of the photo of the photo.

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