Learn To Tie Flies With Us LIVE!

We want you to be able to tie up your flies with ease whenever a new tying kit arrives, so start this month we'll be jumping on Facebook Live and tying the egg sucking leech with you guys live! While we're tying and hanging out live, come on and ask us questions about the pattern, share your stories of catching fish with the egg sucking leech or even just come on to say hi. Join us on our Facebook page tomorrow at 2pm where we'll be tying up fly after fly from the latest kit and hanging out with the Postfly Tribe. Have your fingers prepped, your bobbins threaded and your tying kit ready, because we're tying flies all afternoon! To try to tie the egg sucking leech on your own first, bust out your tying kit and click here to watch the how to video now. Update: We've already hosted the live tying video for the egg sucking leech, featured in the latest box. Click here to watch that on our Facebook page now. Want to start getting tying kits sent right to your door every month? Join The Postfly Tribe now and get to tying.
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