Invest in What You Love: Equity Crowdfunding and Why We're Doing It

**UPDATE** This campaign is closing on 3/7/2019. Thank you to the 260+ new owners of Recur Outdoors who have contributed more than $165K to fuel our growth! Onward and Upward! My name is Brian Runnals, and I want you to buy my company. Today we've opened up an equity crowdfunding campaign to allow our customers, fans and the entire community to actually own a piece of our quickly growing company! What used to be available only to angel investors, venture capitalists and the otherwise very wealthy is now open to everyone. Why are we doing this? Because we have a ginormous ambition to build the most exciting fishing brands on the planet. Ginormous ambitions are tough. They require all of the right things, at the same time - determination, luck, passion, teamwork, a sprinkle of skill, the underlying foundation that you will do WHATEVER it takes all the time, and capital, amongst other things. We've been able to tackle most of those, and now we're working on capital. Instead of taking the more traditional route of venture capital, we decided to open our company up to the community that has supported us since the beginning. I have always said we are building this company for you, and now I want to build it WITH you! You can learn everything thing about our business, why you should invest in us, and how to do it by clicking here and visiting our Wefunder campaign. Most Common FAQs: What is Equity Crowdfunding? Equity crowdfunding allows businesses to raise money from a large group of people at smaller investment amounts. In return, that group of people gets a financial stake in that company. Is this Kickstarter? No! You’re not donating; you’re investing. That means you directly put capital into our business. You’re no longer just an avid fan, you’re an owner. Plus you can get perks, too, just for investing: apparel, limited edition rods, and reels, even fishing trips! How much can I invest? Any amount over $100. Click here to learn more about investing in Recur Outdoors (the parent company of Postfly, Wade Rods, Pelican Reels and GuideHire)
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