How To Use Tippet Rings

Tippet rings have been around for ages but most recently they have blown up in popularity as more and more people discover how awesome they are. Simply put they are just a tiny ring of steel that allows you to tie 2 sections of line to them. They take the place of hard to tie connector knots and really just simplify everything on the water. So if you have been wondering how to put tippet rings to use, let us help!

Why should you use tippet rings?

Image from Howie Fisher
First off, tippet rings are a great way to lengthen the life of your leaders. They'll also save you money on tippet because you will need to use less over the life of your leader. Besides making economic sense, they are also fantastic tools that allow you to really get creative with your multi-fly rigs and set easy breaking points in case you get caught on a rock or tree.

For Dry Fly Fishing

The use of a tippet ring in a dry fly rig simply allowing you to connect any length of tippet to your leader with ease. Personally, I am terrible at tying blood knots on the water and connecting different diameter tippets, quickly, has been a struggle for me, until I found tippet rings. Although constructed of steel, the rings float with ease and you can also add a bit of Postfly High and Dry to make that thing float all day.

Using Tippet Rings While Nymphing

As you can see above, you can attach multiple pieces of tippet to each ring, which allows for more natural and varying multiple nymph rigs. they are the easiest way to make sure your flies tick and flutter along the bottom rather than being suspending in a single line. Tippet rings are also the easiest way to connect your euro-nymphing sighter to your tippet.

For Streamers

Photo by Holden Asmus
Tippet rings are also useful in setting up streamer leaders as they make a nice way to create a "breaking point" between your heavier leader and the light tippet below. If you want to take your streamer fishing to the next level, we recommend checking out this post about setting up a Zero-Twist Streamer Leader. Postfly Box Banner

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