How to Tie the Sneaky Pete Pattern


Step #1: Make your base thread wraps less than half way down the shank of the hook.


Step #2: Cut some Flash Fiber the length of the hook and tie it in.

Step #3: Take 2 Rubber legs and cut them a little over twice the length of the hook. Leave them connected while you tie them into one side of the shank. Then take them under the shank and tie onto the other side.

Step #4: Now, tie in the Hackel tip. Then wrapping in the same direction as the thread until it lands just under where the foam will be, make a few wraps with the thread to capture the Hackle and trim the extra.


Step #5: Whip Finish and apply a generous amount of glue, where the foam head will cover.

Step #6: Push bodkin through foam head to prep for install.


Step #7: Push the Foam Head at the same time as twisting the head. Then, run the Leg Puller near the back of the head and above the shank. Take a single rubber leg and feed it through the puller. Once pulled through, cut to desired length.


Step #8: Install eyes and then cover the foam head with a UV cure to help lock them in place. You can also separate the rubber legs on each side of the shank now.

Time to get sneaky!

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