How To Tie: The River Rabbit

Postfly Monthly Fly Tying Subscription Box Postfly monthly fly tying subscription kit for January
Winter still got you by the you-know-whats? We know, it can suck (we're in Boston). Hang in there, spring will be here before you know it. Until then, keep your hands and your mind warm on the vise! Our January fly tying subscription featured a baitfish pattern developed by Flymen Fishing Co. called The River Rabbit. This is a very simple, very effective trout and warm water streamer that can be fished a number of different ways and produce quick results! Check out the video above to learn what you need, and how to whip up this pattern. If you have been receiving our fly tying kits, we appreciate your feedback! We have heard from a number of customers that they would like to see some changes to future boxes, specifically regarding how similar the materials and colors have been in the last two shipments. Well changes are a comin'! You spoke up, we're listening and we're committed to delivering the best product each and every month. If you haven't contacted us directly yet, please take a moment to fill out this brief (4 multiple choice questions!) survey. Thank you! Team PFB
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